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Vasi Chef

In our own village shop in our showroom we are thousands of products available at the disposal of our customers choice. Our workshop is carried out in the servicing of mechanical and electronic equipment , and our production hall manufacturers of activities also run.


Our enterprise is engaged in manufacturing of neutral stainless steel furniture for example: tables, racks, equipment, counters in different designs. We work with the best quality KO33 series stainless steel plates and profiles.

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We undertake custom sizes or stainless steel equipment, neutral furniture in our workshop.

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Our company planning and makeing technology for kichens. Complete kitchen design and construction of equipment and furniture neutral, technical specifications, and the relevant authorities in agreement.


Current applications that may help to raise funds for the creation. Our partner, tendering is applied to help your success. In order to reconcile the details call us: +36 (94) 505-196


Kitchen design work we undertake on-site management. Preparing the electricity, water, sewer, gas building advocacy of precise definition, provide technical management professionals.